Amy Ruth Files

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Moms top 10 favorite things to do...1. Talk to God2. Fish.3. Gardening4. Quilt5. Listen to her country and gospel music6. Visit with friends and family7. Cook8. Go for a walk9. Read the Mt. Eagle10. Find a new fishing spot

Amy Ruth Files

Five words that best describe my mom Loving , funny , faithful, thrifty , beautiful

Why my mom is the best Through all kinds hardships mother never failed her children. She taught us to pray, to be honest and hard working, she made life fun and joyful when most would have given up.

Mom's kids John, Deborah, Marie, Paulette, Karen

Top 10 list Moms top 10 favorite things to do... 1. Talk to God 2. Fish. 3. Gardening 4. Quilt 5. Listen to her country and gospel music 6. Visit with friends and family 7. Cook 8. Go for a walk 9. Read the Mt. Eagle 10. Find a new fishing spot

Favorites Mother is a giver. She always gives away more than she keeps of anything. She says God has always given her back ten times for every one thing she gives. Being widowed with five children and myself very ill with asthma mother had many many hard days in her life. I can never express how much I love her. I owe my mother more than I could ever give. I often wonder how she managed to keep going but I know it was her faith in God.

A story During the mid to late 60s alabama power went on strike. Several in our community had no power due to not being able to pay because you couldn't cross the picket line. Those who owned freezers were losing food. Mother built fires in the backyard and cooked green beans , boiled pork, chicken , made soup , from whatever the neighbors brought for her to cook. The people from the neighborhood would gather in the yard to eat. Mother grew up during the depression and knew the old survival ways.

Highlights After retirement mother loved gardening with her oldest child John. They grew the most amazing vegetables and fruit trees. She loves to makes jellies and relishes and give them away.

Jobs Mother owned Frenchies Restaurant with Daddy in Jasper until the mid 60s. Always being a brilliant cook , she worked and helped get several restaurants in Jasper up and growing. Still at age 90 mother does most of her own cooking.

Etc I remember as a child her sitting up at night and making us girls a new dress for school or my brother a shirt after having worked in the house or gardens all day and then working a shift at the restaurant. This was everyday for her. Mom couldn't drive and many evening's had to walk to work over 2 miles there and 2 back in the middle of the night. She never failed to have dinner and breakfast on the table for us and clean clothes to wear. God bless my momma.

Looking forward I don't know about any bucket list except to catch more fish, grow all the vegetables and flowers she can and just enjoy every moment of everyday.

Most proud of I am so proud and thankful for this woman to be my mother. Very few could have endured what she has in her almost 91 years. She is strong in ways I can only imagine. Not only did she raise five of her own children but a host of others, never turning away anyone in need , regardless of what the need was ,even when she couldn't afford to give, she did and still does. There aren't words enough to praise my mother. She is one of a kind and I thank God daily for the blessing of her.