Which path will you take?


Coronavirus craziness abounds. I refuse to take part. Even if we needed toilet paper now, I'd use a seed catalog before going to the store and buying a roll of TP. That's the way I roll - pun intended.

Who knows where this thing will lead. This much I know for sure, we won't survive by being crazy and beating up on each other.

Earlier this week, I covered a city council meeting. Everyday life in our small part of the world will change over the next several weeks. Things are hard for our local officials. They are struggling to make the right decisions. No matter what they decide, someone will be unhappy. At this point, I think it comes down to making the best decision based on the information they have.

Hard news is not my favorite kind of story to write, but it’s my job to write the truth as I know it. That's what I strive to do. 

I came home, wrote the story, and submitted it. Afterward, I turned my phone off and distanced myself from social media and the news. 

The sun came out after lunch, and the temps inched up. I'd bought a bag of parched peanuts a few days ago, and I grabbed them as I took a glass of sweet tea onto the back deck.

A curious honeybee landed on my glass and sipped the condensation on the outside. After cracking a few peanuts, I had to be mindful when I took a sip of tea.

The eagle that has a nest a few hundred yards to the west of where we live circled overhead. I'm guessing she was looking for a snack for the eaglets. 

Jilda and I have seen more redbirds the last few days than we've seen years. Maybe they realized that we needed to see them now. 

It's been a great time to catch up on chores and an excellent way to pass the time without stressing about what's going on around us.

When tragedy strikes, we have two paths before us. We can go crazy. In this scenario, the strongest often survive, but the end result is not pretty. There is another much different path. 

We can look around for the good things that are happening.

I saw a video on social media of a street in Italy. With his window open, a man began singing a folk song about the city. A few seconds in, people from all over the city joined in. It was a beautiful moment.

One of my friends posted on social media earlier in the week that she has extra hand sanitizer, food, and over the counter meds that she would share with anyone who needed them.

Another reached out to elderly people in the community and volunteered to run errands so that those who are more vulnerable would not be exposed.

This second path is people coming together to help each other through hard times. When we take this path, we all have a chance to survive.

Which path will you take?

Rick Watson is a columnist and author. His latest book Life Goes On is available on Amazon.com. You can contact him via email at rick@rickwatson-writer.com.