We Dare Defend Our Rights


We in Alabama treasure and defend our right to self governance  - our freedoms.

These are being threatened by a backroom bill in Washington D.C.  HR3599 would prohibit states from enacting laws to protect us and our farmers. It would even undo laws that we have passed.

HR3599, introduced by Representative King of Iowa, deceptively called "Protect Interstate Commerce Act," seeks to prohibit states from regulating the quality and safety of food products imported from other states. It would force us to allow any agricultural product into our states regardless of how dangerous it might be, and for which our legislature has voted upon and passed legislation, regulations. 

Under this bill Alabama would be forced to import food products into our marketplace threatening local farmers livelihoods. It violates the 10th amendment and nullifies many state laws.

It would leave us powerless to protect our farmers and citizens form cheaper, less safe food. 

It would nulify our animal welfare laws. It is a thre to our self governance.

P.J. Majik