WCSO: 98 arrests for distribution made since January


The Walker County Sheriff's Office's narcotics unit has arrested 10 individuals for drug trafficking and made 98 distribution cases since Jan. 14, according to statistics released this week by Sheriff Nick Smith.  

Through June, the department had recovered 3.58 pounds of methamphetamine, 52 grams of crack cocaine and 23 grams of heroin. 

Smith commended employees for the hard work and dedication they have shown in targeting the county's dealers.

"These aren’t simple possession cases that we’re making. We’re taking lower and mid-level drug dealers off the street, and through those arrests, we’re sharing information with the DEA to pursue the high level distributors that are responsible for the drugs we’re taking off the streets," Smith said.

In February, a traffic stop led to the arrest of Christopher Shane Wright, 42. Wright, who was described as a mid-level dealer, had been supplying drugs to dealers in Cullman and Walker counties, according to sheriff's department officials. Wright was charged with trafficking heroin and methamphetamine in addition to other offenses.

Wright's arrest led to the arrest of his meth supplier in Birmingham.

In April, Robert Deangelo Tucker, 27, of Parrish, was charged with trafficking methamphetamine after several law enforcement agencies carried out an operation at a Parrish residence where multiple complaints of drug activity had been made.

In June, Christopher Eugene Babbs, 56, of Quinton, was charged with trafficking heroin/fentanyl and trafficking cocaine after he was arrested in a Yerkwood residence described by sheriff's department officials as a makeshift nightclub. 

Later in June, Roy Kilgore, 43, was charged with two counts of drug trafficking following an operation led by the sheriff's department and Jasper Police Department that criss-crossed the county.

In August, Dimitri D'Andre Price, 43, of Nauvoo, was arrested for trafficking meth in addition to other charges.

Also in August, John Woodrow, "J.W." Murray, 55, of Union Chapel, was arrested for trafficking methamphetamine in addition to other charges.

"Our commitment to continuing to make those cases and arrests will not waiver one bit. I’ve tried to make this crystal clear to the drug dealers of Walker County, but they’re just not hearing me, so I’ll say it again. If you’re selling illegal drugs in Walker County, get out. If you don’t, we’ll find you and put you away. I can’t make it any clearer than that," Smith said.