UPS still serving customers in Jasper


The UPS Store in Jasper is continuing to serve customers amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Signs posted at The UPS Store along Highway 78 in Jasper read on Wednesday, "Yes!! We are open!!."

The shipping giant is continuing to deliver packages around the country and is still providing in-person service to customers at many locations.  

Jasper UPS store manager Jeff Graham told the Daily Mountain Eagle on Wednesday that the store is taking special precautions to ensure the health safety of those needing the store's services.

The store is requiring social distancing of six feet and is being sanitized every morning, afternoon and evening. Store associates are regularly using hand sanitizer as well. 

"We're still doing everything we can to try to take care of all the customers' needs that they have, especially since it's such a weird, trying time, and people are having to figure out how to get things done that they're not familiar with — how to email, fax or whatever," Graham said. "We're doing all that kind of stuff for them."

The UPS Store is also suggesting that people not come into the store in groups to limit the number of people congregating.

"Right now, it's business as usual. We're open the same amount of hours that we were open before. People are able to drop off their packages, and UPS is still picking up at regular hours," Graham said. "We've been doing a lot of shipping for people, obviously shipping toilet paper and sanitizer to family members around the country who haven't been able to find them where they live."   

Graham said there haven't been delays in delivering packages; however, UPS is eliminating delivery time guarantees on some packages, due to how various states are coping with COVID-19.

FedEx is still continuing to serve customers in Walker County as well.

The FedEx shipping location along Pediatric Drive in Jasper is still accepting packages, as well as the FedEx shipping center along Highway 78 in Sumiton.