Unclaimed Baggage launches online shopping


SCOTTSBORO – Unclaimed Baggage recently unveiled its brand new e-commerce site. 

The store, which has earned national media attention for giving a second life to everything from unclaimed designer sunglasses and headphones, to iPads and heirloom watches, has a wide assortment of treasures on its website at well-below-retail prices.

 “Our customers have long requested an online version of our in-store shopping experience,” said Unclaimed Baggage CEO Bryan Owens. “We’re glad that as part of our 50th anniversary, shoppers are now able to experience the thrill of the hunt online.”

The original plan was to embark on a 50-state road tour that would have included games, contests, giveaways and a mobile museum of unclaimed treasures around the country.  The tour would travel with a 1965 Chevrolet pickup modeled after founder Doyle Owens’ original that he drove up to Washington, D.C. to pick up his first load of unclaimed bags.

However, the tour was put on hold because of the pandemic.

 Like its 50,000-square-foot brick-and-mortar store, Unclaimed Baggage’s new online shop features a wide assortment of lost treasures that airlines and other travel businesses have been unable to reunite with their former owners. New items are added regularly to encourage customers to shop the site often from the comfort of their home.

Front and center on the site are a curated selection of “Weird and Wonderful Finds” that reflect the unique treasure hunting story of the brand. Fascinating items include everything from a pole spear for spearfishing to Bavarian Lederhosen leather shorts, a trumpet and exquisite jewelry.  

Well-organized sections with plenty of filter options make it easy to sort through Unclaimed Baggage’s ever-changing inventory.

In addition to traditional categories like apparel, shoes, fine jewelry, musical instruments, sporting goods, electronics and entertainment, shoppers can browse “Luxe Finds” (one showstopper: a diamond tennis bracelet for $8,720.99) and just unpacked “New Arrivals.”

Shoppers seeking the offbeat will enjoy “Unusual Finds,” where gems range from a 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series ballcap to anti-radiation boxer briefs.