Turning into your mother is perfectly OK


Have you ever thought about all the little things you do that are so much like your parents? Sometimes when I wake up and I’m working on getting my coffee fix before anyone else in the house talks to me, a thought lingers in my mind of just how much like my mother I am.

I can remember as a little girl waking up on a Saturday and listening to her pour a cup of coffee – usually a tiny bit of cream and maybe some sugar. She always has to have a cup of coffee in the morning and I learned that you just don’t talk to momma before she has her coffee.

Anytime I go in the kitchen and fix me a late night snack of nachos – tons of cheese on a bed of tortilla chips with extra jalapenos and good, old fashion Picante sauce – I am reminded of my mom. As a kid on the weekends, we would make a pallet of blankets on the floor and snack on homemade nachos while watching reruns of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Late in the evenings, right when things start to cool off but it’s not quite dark, I like to sit outside on my front porch and enjoy the silence and nature. My mom is the same way. I always liked late summer evenings when she and I would sit on the front porch swing and listen to the cicadas. This was long before cellphones, social media, and other things that distract us all from our daily life. I find myself following my mother’s footsteps and sitting on my porch in Scottsboro a lot, enjoying the peace and quiet of the late afternoon.

I find that the older I get I speak my mind more, enjoy my afternoon naps, find more company in the presence of my dog and enjoy my morning coffee more so than I did in college. It’s perfectly ok to turn into your mother. I cherish not only each time I get to see her, but each time I find myself becoming a little bit more like her. Happy Mother’s Day to my mom – my biggest fan, speaker of truth, and who is always there when I need her.

Go and call you momma today and all the people in your life who are mothers to you – tell them you love them and spend some time talking to them on the phone. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Laura Pitts is a former Daily Mountain Eagle reporter. She currently serves as director of the Scottsboro Public Library.