Trump holed up in Xanadu against the world


I really thought I was done with talking about Trump. I really was. And I don't mind if he wants to go through legal challenges, although he hasn't done well with them. And then blew up his own process by putting Rudy Giuliani in charge, which White House aides think is madness in itself - and at $20,000 a day, I consider it a complete waste of money. 

But it will not disrupt matters if the president allows Joe Biden to get briefings just in case Biden wins - which it looks very much like he has, but even looking at the president's viewpoint, it only serves as security in case something goes against Trump. Then if Trump wins, the briefings stop. Pretty much like candidate Biden gets a briefing during the election, and then it stopped. I was surprise that things stopped after Election Day, as you would think they would continue on, but apparently they don't. 

Frankly, I will tell you what I really feel: It's over. It's over over there. It's over over here. It's over and done with. There is no way that Donald Trump can make up the votes under any scenario. 

And it is not just one scenario we speak of. Biden took the lake states and Pennsylvania. You don't like Pennsylvania? He took Georgia, Nevada and Arizona. And all the challenges have failed miserably, to the point judges have had some strict words for lawyers who had trouble articulating something that makes sense on Trump's behalf. Most of the challenges have been based on half-baked lies and dreamed up conspiracies. 

Meanwhile, Our Man on Twitter has holed himself up for the most part in the family area of the White House, tweeting out all sorts of self-inflating balderdash about how he won and everyone stole the election from him. Meanwhile, he says little to nothing about military personnel crashing and losing their lives, or about the COVID-19 as it rages through the nation. It's all about him, much as it was during the COVID-19 press conferences, when the public began to see him for the selfish man he is. 

Worse yet, the General Services Administration is not allowing Biden's team to talk with other government figures, and Biden's people can't even work together with Trump's team to transition on the virus and the distribution of vaccines, foreseeing a time when Biden will be leading the effort. Common sense would dictate that the two men at least work together for the common good to coordinate in a bi-partisan effort against the virus, for the good of the nation. Maybe it could be like Bush and Clinton working together years ago, for a common cause. 

Worse yet, for all the time and money given to this challenge, it only takes away time and effort and fundraising that would be needed to mount the GOP battles for the two Senate seats in Georgia. That is going to be a battle royale, and the party doesn't have time for this challenge, any more than the country has time to divert from the fight against the virus. But the Republican Party, fearful of a president who might even come back in four years or who might dare say ugly things about them now, continues to support the president's challenge. 

All the while, democracy is being stretched to the threads, as some right wing groups march in the streets for Trump and as wanna-be conservative news channels spout any fictional tale not nailed to the wall. 

Meanwhile, Trump is wrapped up in his own world, fighting fantasy battles, with his two grown sons and several demented aides urging him on. It may be the most pathetic thing I've ever seen in government. And the most dangerous. 

There is no law to concede. He doesn't have to. He can allow transitional planning work and go ahead tilting at windmills in court. He can appear gracious and put the nation's and the party's urgent needs ahead of himself. 

He can't. He won't. He can't lose. It's not in him. And now we watch this man whine and fixate like a child who has not gotten his way. He does as little work as he has to - and when he does, he looks at military actions his whole staff begs him not to do. He fails to focus on a pandemic when cases are rising 80 percent in two weeks, and as millions of Americans are losing benefits, and untold businesses may soon fail without help from the president and Congress. 

No, it's all about the election. The 2016 election. The 2020 election. It's Hillary, Sleepy Joe, Nancy, the radicals, the immigrants. It's all of them. But not himself. 

In the end, Donald Trump does not appear strong, does not appear to be able to make America great again. He appears to be self-indulgent and selfish, retreating like Charles Foster Kane in "Citizen Kane" to Xanadu, shut off from the world and reality. 

One can almost see him dropping the snow globe, not with a sleigh, but with a miniture model of the White House. And he whispers, "President."


Ed Howell is the news editor of the Daily Mountain Eagle. He may be contacted at or at 205-221-2840