Therapy, counseling center expands to East Walker


DORA – Karen Hyche of the Hyche Center for Sensory and Motor Learning opened for business in Jasper five years ago, and eventually moved into larger quarters at Parkland Plaza in 2018. When Hyche decided to open a second facility, she expanded her search.

“We started looking in Dora, and somebody told us about this building,” she said. “The building was perfect for our needs and the city has been amazing,” she said. The Hyche Center opened the Dora location on Jan. 6.

When asked why they chose to expand to the East Walker area, Hyche said that “God led us here. He’s our boss,” she said. 

She also noted the Hyche Center also has many clients in the area and some that drive from Birmingham, so the new facility in Dora was a good next step.

Specialists at the Hyche Center provide occupational, physical, and speech therapy, as well as counseling for children and adolescence. The clients could be children with autism, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, children who have depression issues, or children who’ve been through trauma, according to Hyche. 

“If someone has concerns about a child’s development or behavior, they can give us a call, and we can do an initial evaluation,” Hyche said. This step requires a doctor’s orders, according to Hyche. 

“If the child needs services and we can help, we’ll set those services up,” she said. If the child needs services that the Hyche Center doesn’t provide, they will refer the child to someone who can help.

For example, a child with autism might need all the services that the Hyche Center provides.

“Many children with autism have speech and language delays, so they would need speech therapy,” she said. “Some children may not have words, so they might need what we call augmentative communication.” 

This approach utilizes a small computer that helps the child vocalize their wants and needs, according to Hyche. 

Occupational therapy helps with self-regulation. “Some children get really upset or have meltdowns, so we can help them learn how to regulate their emotions,” Hyche said.

Sometimes when a child has developmental issues, the physician might say that the child will grow out of it, according to Hyche. “But if a parent has concerns, they can give us a call,” she said. If you provide services to the child in early, it can reduce the need for services later, according to Hyche. 

The Hyche Center takes Medicaid, Blue Cross, and they have a private pay policy that is cost-effective for most families. “We believe this is our mission. We are not doing this for the money. We really want to serve children,” Hyche said.

The Dora facility is located at 415 Horse Creek Blvd. The phone number is 205-544-5892.  One can also look at its Facebook page.