Tallulah Leads to Theo


I’m going to talk you about a different kind of business today.  It’s not anything you can find in Downtown Jasper yet, but it is something that I think you’ll want to hear.  It’s my personal business. 

Mike and I have kept this little secret from everyone except a select few.  However, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.  My favorite canine popped the question!

Theodore Griffith asked me to be his lifelong partner in crime.  It is a May/September romance since he’ll be just two years old in June, and I’ll be three years old in February.  The first time we met was in the halls of The Pizitz in Downtown Birmingham.  Yes, we’re both Downtown Dogs.  

It was instant electricity between us so much that his humans, Allison and Garrett along with Mike, just let us off our leashes because we were leash locking everyone and everything around us.  Like 101 Dalmatians’ Pongo and Perdita wrapped Roger and Anita up in their leashes so do Theo and I.  Something else to take note of in the film, Cruella De Vil’s character was fashioned after my namesake, and one of her thugs that steal the puppies is named Jasper.

Back to Pongo, I mean Theo…one of the first times that I spent some extended time with Theo occurred when his humans, Allison and Garrett, took a long weekend trip which wasn’t dog-friendly.

I picked him up from the veterinarian’s office where he was boarded and groomed, and we spent that weekend together.  At the time, he was considerably smaller than myself.  As you can tell now, he’s surpassed me in height and weight.  He’s a handsome English Cream.  

I feel like Theo took his lead from Garrett who also recently popped the question to Allison, who like me, said YES!  Neither couple has set a date, but we’re enjoying the time together.  I’ve told Theo that I’ll be keeping all three of my names:  Tallulah Bankhead Putman.  However, if he likes, he can take one of mine.

Another issue that I’ve discussed with Theo is our living arrangements.  I’ve told him that I prefer living with Mike and working in Downtown Jasper, and he prefers staying with Allison and Garrett and going to work with his human in Downtown Birmingham.

And the final discussion we had was that of children.  None of the humans want any grandpups, and I don’t look forward to what that would do to my body.  Besides, it’s really a moot point anyway since those decisions were made for both us a while back.  It was a quick trip to see Dr. Jeremiah who has my brother, Jasper, and for Theo, it was also just a snip snip.

Now that you know my news, I’ll be back reporting next time on Downtown Jasper businesses and members.  I hope to bring Theo to my little downtown district sometime and show him off.