Tallulah Leads to The Druvan Group


I met with the Druvan Group for lunch at Main Street Taqueria in Downtown Jasper, the dynamic duo of real estate. Josh DRUmmond and Nelson VANce work as partners to sell property with White Pepper Real Estate. Mike kept mispronouncing their group’s name so Nelson corrected him.  

Movin’ with Druvan, Groovin’ with Druvan, and Proovin’ with Druvan are catch phrases for this Abbott-and-Costello-like real estate team. Bottom line is they like people, they like to help people with this big decision of home ownership, but they also like to have fun while working. Their plan is made up of 80% building relationships through fun and 20% real estate business. If they can entertain you and still help you with real estate, they have accomplished their goal.

This comedic pair of agents met through family connections in Cordova and formed Druvan in 2018. To understand how different they are, you need to know some of their background before real estate. Josh is a registered nurse and worked full-time when he began selling real estate and then decided to devote all his time to Druvan. Nelson was a model working in Europe and here in the states; once he retired from that, he began working at Remax Elite, now White Pepper Real Estate.

I think Mike had salsa up his nose a couple of times judging from the laughter at the table. One liner after one liner, yet they were very serious about real estate and about their families. Josh married Bethany and have children Colter (6) and Lizzie (4). Nelson married Sherri and have children Samantha (26) and Rocco (4). Ladies and gentlemen, don’t get your hopes up for futures with Lizzie and Rocco. The Drummonds and Vances have a prearranged wedding scheduled in 20 years. However, Samantha and Colter are available.

Another of their mantras is “Two heads almost make one man.” They complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I can identify. What would Mike do without me? Let’s not find out.

When they were talking about becoming partners, broker Danielle Goins offered some sage advice: Don’t keep score…so naturally Josh and Nelson keep score.

The Druvan Group’s values shine throughout their work and conversation:  honesty, transparency, and no surprises out of them when it comes to buying or selling your home.  These guys do love to make friends out of clients when the business is done.  They currently have three former clients getting a real estate license. In addition, the trust between these two practical jokers is obvious.  

After these two ate enough lunch for four real estate agents, I parted with one last question. Do your wives get along? Their answer: Not with us, but certainly with each other!

By the way, I only had chips. I’d appreciate more the next time we get together. And finally, don’t take these two to lunch if you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to snort salsa.