Tallulah leads to Shop Downtown Jasper


I’m going to tell you something to do that Mike has been telling you since 2014, and many of my readership were doing well before then. Like never before, now is the time to be shopping in Downtown Jasper. 

You have remained loyal to our restaurants and while the restaurants, breweries, our coffee shop, and our shake shop aren’t operating at the capacity that they were just one month ago because of the ban of on-premise dining, they are operating and adapting as well as can be expected to their new curbside service and delivery.  

Retail didn’t get that choice. They were made to close their doors; however, as you would expect, they also have become creative while still obeying Governor Ivey’s orders.

The easiest and most common way is to shop online at their websites. I do that all the time when Mike puts his phone down, and he later realizes it when his credit card bill comes in. You can view their products, descriptions, prices; it’s our Downtown Jasper version of small Amazon accounts. Let’s use that technology to help these businesses that are struggling right now.

What if the business doesn’t have a website? Next, check their social media presence.  They all have that whether it is a Facebook account, Twitter and/or Instagram.

What if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on the website or social media?  That’s when you use those nifty little apps that my fat paws have trouble with. Call your favorite shop/service and have them Facetime or Zoom so you can see their current inventory. Amazon can’t even beat that!  

What if you don’t do social media, don’t have a smart phone or other device, and you only read all articles in the printed form? Still not a problem. Pick up that black rotary phone and use those human digits to dial any of our downtown businesses. That is the beauty of being a small business – the personal service! These are businesses who excel at knowing you, your usual product selection, and your style.  

What if you’ve never shopped there, and they don’t know you? Now is the perfect time to introduce yourself! This group of merchants are the most versatile, creative, and talented group when it comes to business. They will help you in anyway.   

What if none of these efforts are successful? That’s when you call me at the Jasper Main Street offices, and I’ll bark and howl till you get what you want! Once you’ve made your purchase, they can deliver curbside or most have delivery within the city limits while always practicing social distancing.

Employ any or all of those efforts above and/or see our "How Do I Love Thee?" campaign below, and let’s start pumping revenue into these businesses who have always supported our community!  

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