Tallulah Leads to Scott Eric Day Photography and Videography

Today is a two-fer! Not only am I talking about an artist, but he is also a Jasper Main Street business/member who owns a flourishing studio in downtown located at 1802 4th Avenue.  
As Scott would tell you, it is too conveniently located between Five Loaves Bakery and Café and Tallulah Brewing Company.
Before I tell you what Scott wants everyone to know about him, his family, and his business, I have to give creds to him for some of his photography of Mike. Mike is difficult to photograph and turns into a 12-year-old girl when a camera points his way.  I, on the other hand, feel quite natural. Mike, Lauren, and I were there just last week to have some shots done. Lauren and I are cool in a photo, but you-know-who isn’t even close.
Always attracted to drawing and painting, Scott easily turned to photography to quench his artistic thirst and eventually parlayed it into a source of revenue. Encouraged and assisted by Shannon, his wife of almost 25 years, Scott shoots weddings, headshots, video, as well as corporate and commercial photography.  
He has worked with C-Spire, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Salvation Army, and of course, Jasper Main Street just to name a few.
For those of you native to Jasper and familiar with the Jasper Mall in its heyday, Scott and Shannon met at the Peanut Shack located there more than 25 years ago. Five children later, the rest as they say is history. Dawson and Camden both work locally. Dawson, 18, is in culinary school and works at Five Loaves Bakery & Café while Camden, 17, works at the Natatorium as a lifeguard.  
One of my favorite pieces of photography that hangs on my wall is a Scott Eric Day original. It’s a Foothills Festival shot that he took with his drone of my hometown, Downtown Jasper. It shows a vibrant downtown district full of people, lights and most of all, community.
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As always, looking forward to working with Scott again! You should too! Find him at www.scottericday.com, www.sedmediasolutions.com, and on Facebook at Scott Eric Day Photography and Videography.