Tallulah Leads to Jasper Eats in the Streets


Well, thanks to Mike, I missed my inaugural Jasper Eats in the Streets event.  His second vaccine shot rendered him totally useless.  Saturday morning, as I was closing portions of Downtown streets and schlepping tables and chairs to those locations, Mike was taking it easy watching me work.  After that chore was complete, he went home and stayed on the sofa most of the day.  Anyway, he’s fine now and back to pretending that he’s in charge of the canine, but we all know the truth.  Can you imagine the treats I missed at this event?

Jasper Eats in the Streets was a partnership with Carl Cannon Chevrolet, who purchased the tables and chairs through Jasper Main Street, and the downtown eateries and breweries.  It was our attempt to create responsible commerce using the open air of Downtown Jasper streets for dining. This Covid-unfriendly event, from the pictures that several people sent me, went off splendidly.  

These participating eateries want to thank you for attending:  Bailey’s Bakery, Black Rock Bistro, The Cigar Box, Five Loaves Bakery and Café, Jasper Bottle & Tap, Johnny Brusco’s New York Style Pizza, Lavish Coffee Bar, Los Reyes Grill, Main Street Taqueria, Tallulah Brewing Company, Twisted Barley Brewing Company, and Warehouse 319.  In addition, Young Jewelers joined in on the fun on Friday evening by remaining open late with refreshments and special sales.

This year, we also created a QR code that we placed online, on sandwich boards throughout Downtown Jasper, and also on table tents in the participating restaurants.  Using your smart phone on the QR code, you could see exactly what each business was offering on each day of the event.  Pretty cool, huh?  Mike didn’t think of that.  I did that with a lot of help from Renae Wilson. 

If you attended, we’d like to know your thoughts on the event. You can email Mike at mike@jaspermainstreet.com, or you can email him your thoughts along with the request that I have my own email, preferably, tallulah@jaspermainstreet.com.  

I plan to be in attendance the next time and so does Mike.  He’s not holding me back anymore.