Tallulah Leads to Becky Dockery at Wells Fargo


By the time you read this latest canine missive, Becky will be having a drink with an umbrella in it on a tropical island. Becky and I met on a Tuesday in March and by Friday she retired from Wells Fargo after 31 years. In reality, this Cordova native is probably mowing her 20 acres and spending time with her 4-year old grandson, Jackson.

Having begun her banking career in 1975 in Downtown Jasper’s First National Bank (now known as Synovus), Becky transitioned to Wells Fargo in Birmingham and eventually landed in Jasper’s branch in 1990.

While Becky has worked her entire life, two months ago her perspective changed forever.  Like Becky, her sister, Connie, suffered from lupus, a chronic disease that can affect joints, skin, and can even cause kidney failure. Connie died of Covid-19 along with the complications of Lupus in January 2021. This inspired Becky to take a look at her own life, and she decided that she needed more time with her family.

However, Wells Fargo not only gave Becky a job, but also an outreach to the community.  Becky always made time for the employees and herself to participate in local non-profits and activities. Some of her favorites include these: Camp Mitnick, Hope for Women, Halo, Daybreak, Salvation Army, Back Yard Blessings, Youth Advocacy Programs, and Foothills Festival.

Always involved in the community, Becky made sure that Mike’s request to Wells Fargo for funding to purchase new bikes was fulfilled. Wells Fargo added three bikes and numerous bike lights to Jasper Main Street’s Flourish Fleet. She and the branch employees also set up a water station for the Tuesday night Slow Spokes’ riders.

I’m sure that after Becky adjusts to her new normal of spending more time with Jackson, she’ll also spend more time with Zoe and Barney, the “Tallulahs” in her life.

For now, Becky is focusing on some rest and eventually looking for volunteer work in the community including Woodland Church of Christ, her home church. I doubt there are any umbrella drinks in Becky’s future but instead more continued support to her family and to Jasper. By the way, Becky came prepared to this interview with an envelope of Wells Fargo treats…some of you need to take notes.