Sweetie has taught me a great lesson


Sweetie isn’t concerned about any pandemic. She hasn’t lost a moment’s sleep over an election. She isn’t anxious about the economy.

In fact, Sweetie isn’t concerned about her circumstances at all. Instead, she is centered on who is making her secure.

When she was found, she was lost, diseased, hungry, and hopeless. But Sweetie was rescued and is now provided for day by day. Every day she is fed. Every day she is loved. Every day she is blessed. And she knows it. Sweetie knows how blessed she is to the point that she puts all of her trust in who takes care of her.

Sweetie, of course, is our dog. And when we found her, she was mangy, hungry, and had been severely mistreated. We rescued her, got her healed up, and brought her into our home. We shower her with love, provide for her needs, and enjoy being around her. The only worries she has is when we have to go somewhere and she can’t be with us. She has placed all of her trust in us and if we are happy, she is happy. If we are calm, she is calm. If we are joyful, she is joyful.

Sweetie has taught me a great lesson. I was lost at one time. I was diseased with rebellion against God. I was hungry for more than this life could ever offer. And I had been mistreated badly by the world, my sinful nature, and the devil Himself. I was a mess. But God took me into His family. He gave me a home with Him. He forgave me and healed me of the consequences of my rebellion. He filled me up with his Spirit, His love, His mission, and His Word. Praise God, He has rescued me from the world’s call, my sinful nature’s claim, and the devil’s clutches!

God has saved me from my sin and given me eternal life now and forever. Even though I was a mess, God called me to follow Him. He has showered me with love through a bloody cross and an empty tomb. God has provided for me over and over, even in miraculous ways! And God desires to spend time with me each day. With ME! I am nothing like Him, but He desires to spend as much time with me as I want. In reality, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and praise. How could I not be?

So I should be more like Sweetie! Why should I be overcome with worry over a pandemic? God is my healer! Why should I be frustrated that everything in our culture is now so political? God is not elected. He is Lord! Why should I have sleepless nights over the economy? God owns the cattle on a thousand hills! He is my provider!

Sweetie trusts in my family so much. She looks to us for her comfort, security, and provision. But the truth is, my family can only do so much. We actually are not as powerful and able as she thinks we are. Yet she believes in us anyway. My God, however, “is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.” (Ephesians 3:20) So I can and will trust in Him! Hallelujah!

Yes, I will wear a mask and practice social distancing when appropriate. Yes, I will pray for the election and our country. Yes, I will use a budget. Yes, I will speak out and speak up when necessary. Yes, I will work to impact the world for God’s glory. But I will NOT worry. “Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the LORD your God is the one who goes with you. He will never leave you or forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6)

Lord, in these crazy days, let me be as trusting, loving, loyal, restful, joyful, and secure in You as that sweet dog is in us.



Scott McCullar is the pastor of First Baptist Church Carbon Hill and the church can be found on Facebook. He can be reached at (205) 924-4145.