Sweet Memories of Sue Hood


This week we have sweet memories of Sue Hood by her former student, Jackie Parker. Sue passed away on May 27, 2009.

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"I met Sue Hood at an art show in Jasper on the Courthouse Square. She exhibited her art treasures at numerous art exhibits and 'arts and crafts' shows, always with her easel in tow to demonstrate her techniques to the art patrons.  

"'Best in show' and various colored ribbons, including many first place blue ribbons were frequent prizes received by Sue at these exhibits.

"Sue had many roles in her lifetime, but to a certain group of women, young and old, she was our art teacher on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with morning and evening classes. Each art class became a family, caring and helping each other. To many of us, these were the best two hours of our week.  

"In the 5 o’clock Tuesday night class, we were all employed and had worked all day. Upon arrival at Sue’s art studio we were tired and this was a time to forget our troubles, a time of release and rejuvenation, as well as renewing and expanding our creativity.

"The environment in Sue’s art studio was non-stressful, unlike our jobs. We used our classes as a therapeutic session to let our hair down and enjoy our girl’s night out. We looked forward to Sue’s classes to try to achieve and learn the necessary skills to produce an acceptable piece of art on canvas. We all wanted to become a 'Sue.'""

"I became a student of Sue’s art class in l983 and continued until her retirement, a few months before her death on May 27, 2009. She encouraged us from the beginning to the end of each painting. She helped and guided us through the drawing of the subject, taught us how to mix oil paints and guided us through the process of painting until it was completed. Upon completion, we were like children with our report cards as we headed toward home with our latest 'Rembrandts.'”

"As a teacher of elementary children, a favorite quote of mine is 'Never judge a work of art by its defects' and Sue never did. She always found the positive in our paintings never stressing the negative, even though we knew it was not 'Sue-perfect.'”

"So much talent and love in this diminutive 4 feet 10 inch feisty woman. Sue will always be remembered through her canvas images. I’ve heard it said that 'An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world,' and Sue was a dreamer. Her realistic paintings portrayed God’s beautiful creation like Clear Creek Falls, as well as those man-made like Boshell Mills and old historical homes, schools and churches in Jasper and Walker County. "We, her art students, will never forget our talented art teacher that took us as pieces of clay and molded each of us into an artist. Each time we paint a picture or look at one of our paintings we will miss our sweet SUE, our art teacher."