State meet next up for Jasper Sharks


The Jasper Sharks will be well represented at the ARPA State Swim Meet this weekend at the Birmingham Crossplex. The two-day event starts today and wraps up on Saturday.

A total of 58 Jasper swimmers will take part in the event. 

Swimmers qualified for state by finishing in the top four at the District III ARPA Meet held at the Memorial Park Natatorium on July 14. 

Four different divisions have seven or more Jasper swimmers taking part. The largest group is the Girls 11-12 division with eight girls swimming at state — Madison Moore, Lila Oliver, Megan Fanin, Anna Grace Acosta, Sadie Pierce, Cheyenne Smith, Sydney Sherer and Maleigha Mauldin. The Boys 13-14, Boys 9-10 and Boys 7-8 divisions each have seven swimmers competing this weekend.


State Qualifiers

Girls 15-18

Carlee Muncher (100 IM, backstroke, long freestyle)

Grace Washington (100 IM, backstroke, long freestyle)

Lorin O’Rear (freestyle, butterfly, backstroke)


Boys 15-18

Christian Hyche (100 IM, breaststroke, backstroke)

Randall Shubert (breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke)

Mack Moody (breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke)

James Watson (freestyle, butterfly, backstroke)


Girls 13-14

Breeze Phillips (100 IM, breaststroke, backstroke)

Anna Grace Lee (freestyle, backstroke, long freestyle)

Ella Lynn (breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly)


Boys 13-14

Hamp Lee (100 IM, freestyle, butterfly)

Luke Oliver (100 IM, freestyle)

Eli Ford (breaststroke, backstroke)

Brandon DeRueda (breaststroke)

Ethan West (freestyle, backstroke, long freestyle)

Caleb Banks (freestyle, butterfly, backstroke)

Luke Smith (butterfly, backstroke, long freestyle)


Girls 11-12

Madison Moore (100 IM, freestyle, backstroke)

Lila Oliver (100 IM, freestyle, butterfly) 

Megan Fanin (100 IM, backstroke)

Anna Grace Acosta (breaststroke)

Sadie Pierce (breaststroke and long freestyle)

Cheyenne Smith (breaststroke)

Sydney Sherer (butterfly, long freestyle)

Maleigha Mauldin (butterfly, backstroke)


Boys 11-12

Gunnar Wakefield (100 IM, breaststroke)

Murphy Lee (freestyle, butterfly, backstroke)

Lawson Lee (butterfly, backstroke, long freestyle)


Girls 9-10

Haley Sherer (100 IM, breaststroke, butterfly)

Anna Gamotis (100 IM, breaststroke, backstroke)

Millie Oliver (100 IM, backstroke, long freestyle)

Scout Barber (freestyle, butterfly, long freestyle)

Katie Adams (butterfly, long freestyle)

Lakyn Langley (butterfly, backstroke)


Boys 9-10

Hampton Hall (100 IM, breaststroke, butterfly)

Jordan Phillips (breaststroke, backstroke, long freestyle)

Wyatt Peterson (breaststroke)

John Abner Nicholson (freestyle, butterfly, backstroke)

Sailor Panter (freestyle, butterfly, backstroke)

Burton Lee (butterfly, backstroke, long freestyle)

Jonah Schwab (long freestyle)


Girls 7-8

Emma Rigsby (100 IM, breaststroke, long freestyle) 

Allie Rigsby (breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke)

Emma Kate Sherer (breaststroke, freestyle)

Rozzy Cosmiano (breaststroke, backstroke)

Cameron Coomer (butterfly backstroke, long freestyle)


Boys 7-8

Matthew Washington (100 IM, breaststroke, butterfly)

Oliver Mosley (breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke)

Judson Weeks (freestyle, backstroke, long freestyle)

Evan Sherer (freestyle, butterfly, long freestyle)

Barrett Panter (freestyle, butterfly, backstroke)

Levi Cooksey (butterfly)

Brodie Carreker (long freestyle)


Girls 6-and-under

Abby Gamotis (freestyle, backstroke, long freestyle)

Anna Lynn (freestyle, backstroke)

Amelia Mosley (freestyle)

Sara Adams (backstroke)


Boys 6-and-under

Andrew Gamotis (freestyle, backstroke)