Seasonal blooms


The plants are blooming. Perfect for Easter weekend and a full year after Covid has been here. Of course, I am thrilled. I woke up a few weeks ago to see that my hostas were peeking up from the hard dirt. It’s always fun in the spring to see my plants come back.
There is always a conversation that happens between me and my husband much like the ones I’ve heard my entire life from my parents. My dad is eager at the first break of March sunshine to work on the spring cleaning of the yard and my Mom always sends a dire warning not to touch the flower beds. A similar conversation arose between me and my husband a few weeks ago. It went a lot like, “You can weed the flowerbed but leave my hostas covered.” This meant leave the weeds around the hostas to give them more protection from the last frost. Don’t uncover them. Period.
I love my husband but sometimes he pulls a “Sam Pitts” as my mother calls it and touches parts of the flower bed he shouldn’t. Regardless, I appreciate Drew’s effort to get those weeds out of my flower beds, but that whole “keep the weeds covered on the hostas” didn’t come out clear for either party.
“It’s not going to freeze again.” The words from my husband. God love him. I just smiled and tried to calm down after throwing my temper tantrum over the flower bed.
A week later the hostas were up half an inch. After the two weeks of torrential rain, they had sprouted full. I even lucked up and some of my prized irises were gettin ready to bloom. This year I’ve even had a white iris bloom - a first for me.
Friday afternoon I pulled all the broken plastic boxes and old planters out from the deck in anticipation of the freeze. And Drew in all his wonderfulness admitted to me, in a low voice, that I was right. It was going to freeze again.
Of course it is going to freeze. The blackberries haven’t bloomed yet. That is something my grandmother taught me from a small age. Winter is never over until those blackberries bloom.
By Friday evening the yard was covered pots and boxes covering those prized hostas. Anticipating warmer weather is always fun but nothing is mor fun that watching your flower bed bloom each year and bring back a little color into your life.
Oh, and being right when your husband is wrong is not too bad either.

Laura Pitts is a former Daily Mountain Eagle reporter. She currently serves as director of the Scottsboro Public Library.