Scott embraces creativity with footwear designs


CORDOVA — Cordova High School senior Samuel Scott has been using his down time during the pandemic to challenge himself artistically.

"Being at home has given me plenty of time to do everything I always wanted to do. I can just wake up and work on the next idea that I've always wanted to work on," Scott said.

After graduation, Scott wants to pursue a number of interests — music, fashion, possibly some modeling. His big dream, however, is footwear design.

Right now Scott's ideas are confined to sketches, but he hopes to one day be working with business partners to turn his designs into real products.

His ultimate goal would be to start a company of his own. If that doesn't work out, he'd enjoy working with or for Adidas because he loves their designs, collaborations and commitment to making their shoes affordable.

Scott's father sparked his interest in shoes.

"Every time he went shopping for shoes, he would buy me the same pair he bought but in a smaller size. He bought me the same Jordans that some of my favorite actors wore. That's how I got interested in shoes," Scott said.

Scott, a self-taught artist, also loves to draw portraits and make music.

There was a time that Scott was fearful to put his art and himself in a position to be judged by others.

"I was that shy kid who always wanted to sit in the back and stay in a dark spot. I didn't want anybody noticing me because I was too afraid of made fun of it, like I wasn't good enough to do this," Scott said.

Between middle school and high school, Scott's talent started getting noticed but not because he drew attention to it.

His peers started to throw out his name whenever an artist was needed or they heard of an art competition. A few friends have asked him to help them out with projects like drawing logos or designing shoes.

Scott, who transferred to Cordova from Oakman in the 11th grade, said he had a lot of encouragement during his final two years of high school.

"Not many people knew me in the beginning. In the first two weeks of being there, I gained a lot of friends. The majority of everybody always loved my work. A lot of people were just really nice to me, and the teachers gave me plenty of opportunities. They gave me a chance, and I really appreciate that," he said.

While Scott is still deciding on which art school he'd like to attend, he's trying to prepare himself for stepping out into the real world.

"It's a scary thought, but you've gotta stay focused, believe in what you really want to do and keep working hard and don't be so fast to give up," he said.