School’s out for summer


About 12:30 Thursday afternoon May 27, with a belly ready for second lunch and a smile as big as the sun, The Wizard walked out of first grade and announced that, “Finally, school is out and summer is here.” This proclamation came as no surprise since for the past month The Wizard has been counting down the days until school was over for the summer.

I can’t blame him. With all of the chaos that has surrounded the 2020-2021 school year, I think we are all a little happy that it is over. And I have to give him credit, in the midst of late school start times, virtual days with school work, missed school because of Covid-19 closures, crazy snow storms and ice and more, he has done extremely well. All A’s and top five academically for his class well.

I think all of us – parents, teachers, humans in general – can just breath a sigh of relief that we all did it and survived the school year – literally.
The Wizard has already given me his list of demands for fun – ice cream, swimming, movies, a Chuck E. Cheese visit, chocolate chip pancakes, playing fetch with Leonardo, shopping in Huntsville, a haircut, Chuckie-Cheese and the Space and Rocket Center.

Oh, and let’ not forget about this fascination he has with the Lincoln Memorial and wanting to see it. “When I am about 20 can you take me to Washington, D.C., where it is?” The Wizard asks this after pausing the radio in the car.

“Sure, why do you want to see the Lincoln Memorial?”

“Because I saw it in a book and I want to see it in person.” Fair enough, I think, wondering how I can pull this trip of long before he is a young adult.

Summertime is funny in that it comes on quickly and leaves in a mere blink of the eye. June is slow, July is moderate but August is a fast-approaching hurricane, inevitable and unrelenting.

I asked The Wizard what he learned at school this year. He didn’t really say much – either because he didn’t know or just didn’t want to tell me. When you have full access to the radio and can play all your favorite songs, do you really want to reflect on the past school year?

He stopped the music again and asked me if I knew this song and proceeded to play “Blackbird” by the Beetles followed by “Yellow Submarine” This was quite a change from the country and heavy rock music we all to listen to in the car. I asked him where he learned about The Beetles and he told me that he learned about them in his school music class.

“They have all kinds of songs.”

“Yep, they have been around longer than me.” I told him, and his eyes widened because he just knew they were a new group, not an old one.

“Well, I really like them,” he said, and swapped the song list over to “All You Need Is Love.”

Perhaps he did learn something after all in the first grade.


Laura Pitts is a former Daily Mountain Eagle reporter. She currently serves as director of the Scottsboro Public Library.