Ridgewood, area sheriffs' offices help hospice patient during winter weather


Sheriffs' offices in Walker, Winston and Marion counties worked together to deliver medical supplies to a hospice patient during Tuesday's inclement weather.   

The patient, who lived in Hamilton, developed decreased blood oxygen saturation and needed a 10 liter O2 concentrator to help with her respiratory status, according to Melissa Cummins, the bereavement coordinator and volunteer coordinator for SouthernCare New Beacon Hospice.

The company that normally delivers the equipment was unable to make the trip because of icy conditions. Social worker Wendy Payne and hospice staff made numerous calls before finding a concentrator that could be borrowed from Ridgewood Health Services.

"Joy McCullar from Ridgewood secured the concentrator and had it waiting at the front entrance for pickup. Travel was impossible, so local sheriffs' departments assisted us with delivery," Cummins said.

Sgt. Kevin Emberg of the Walker County Sheriff's Office picked up the concentrator and delivered it to Jacob Edwards and Chris Franks of the Winston County Sheriff's Office. They, in turn, passed it off to deputies Jarod Tidwell and Danny Percer in Marion County, who delivered it to the client's home.

"We just want to express our thanks to these officers for making sure our hospice clients’ needs were met even in the midst of a winter storm," Cummins said.