Pollen (cough) is still a problem


Let's clean out the notebook...

• Frankly, it has been a month and a half and I am still dealing with what I think are pollen problems. I began to wonder at this late date, and I came out of the apartment Tuesday to find the landlord, who now lives in the apartment below me. She said her allergies were so bad that she had to go to the doctor and get a shot this week. 

I have to say I am sick of the meds and I am sick of the coughing; I'm sure my co-workers must be sick of it as well. Nothing seems to work well--but I left the meds off a couple of days and found it could be worse, so I started them up again. 

Mind you, grass pollen has always given problems, but this year the pollen in general has been really bad. I think there is not much more we can do but to wait out June. I think I've been to the doctor three times already, and if I had time to get another shot before going to visit the Legislature Wednesday, I would have. But I know others have suffered as well. 

• The car that plowed into Arby's Monday night was too close to comfort. Judging from the photos, I've known Dad and I to eat in just about that area where the car plowed through. It is quite miraculous no one was injured. 

• I was paying in Cracker Barrel Tuesday when two former Marion County Commission members, Kenny Jackson and Eddie Byrd, were sited as I was leaving; turns out they had been eating in another part of the restaurant, which I hated as I would have joined them. They looked in good shape and are adjusting well to retirement. They noted they usually see someone over at this Cracker Barrel they recognize from home. It amazes me how much of a draw some of the places are in Jasper to attract from other counties, but having lived in Marion County as well, I can tell you going to Jasper is still to be made an event, even if you don't have the movie theater and and a few of the national chains to go to anymore. 

By the way, the Journal Record in Hamilton is reporting that it is an Arby's that is lined up for the new Love's truck stop there, the first in Marion County. 

• Look about Sunday for our announcement of the Foothills Festival entertainment lineup. I can tell you Zach Baker, who handles the lineup and works in our ad department, is very pleased with the lineup he signed up, but I'll wait for Sunday for him to tell you more about it. 

• Carbon Hill officials are still beside themselves about the part-time officer who was recently arrested in Guin, which resulted to him being let go in Carbon Hill. They keep talking about how the the background checks came back clear, which makes you wonder how well the system works for everyone in general. It may not be as foolproof as we thought. Meanwhile, the Journal Record is reporting that the former officer, Tim Allen Walter, was also a former officer for both Guin and Hamilton. Sheriff Kevin Williams told that paper that he may have Walter transferred if he doesn't make bond for his own protection, considering inmates that he may have arrested previously. 

• I found it interesting that the New York Times reported that after pushing for a trade deal with China, Trump's statements suggest he now believes acting tough and walking away from a deal might put him in political position. 

The Times reported: “The days of being soft on China are over,” said Stephen K. Bannon, the former White House chief strategist for Mr. Trump, who shaped the economic message of his 2016 campaign and has warned repeatedly about the dangers posed by China. “Politics now drives the economics.”

At the same time, Politico also reported that Republicans in Congress, who were more free trade in vision than the president, are worried about the effects of this fight, as they see farmers particularly being hurt. At the same time, they have no stomach to pick a fight with Trump, and the article indicates many felt so much power on trade has been yielded to the president that it is too late to do anything about it. The article paints the picture of senators and so who worry about election prospects but feel they can do nothing but hope and pray it will turn out, and that the fact the enemy is China will make it easier for farmers. 

• The loss of Doris Day and Tim Conway was tough to hear. I will say it is good to know Conway is at peace, as it was recently announced he had Alzheimer's Disease. And Day lived a good long life to 97. He was a comedy genius who was well respected, even if he always had trouble headlining his own series. I think we remember Carol Burnett's series, as good as it was to start with, because of his contributions in acting and writing. 

I was sorry to hear about Day, as well, as that is another star from the 1940s that we have lost. We forget that her "Sentimental Journey" with Les Brown was an anthem for returning GIs after the war. Brown and Day were featured on Bob Hope's radio show successfully, and that led to Warner Brothers late in the decade. 

Of course, she was known for the movies and records in the 1950s, and the light comedies with Rock Hudson in the 1960s. But I recall when she made "The Man Who Knew Too Much" for Alfred Hitchcock and "Love Me or Leave Me" with James Cagney, she showed how good an actress she was. Cagney lamented years later that she had gone on to the light comedies in the 1960s, because he felt she was much more talented as an actress to waste her time on those. 

• Finally, we discussed around the table the other day that we want people around the county to be an additional eyes and ears for us. You can be a good reporter for us as well. If you see something happening in the county, please take a photo and send it to our Facebook page as a private message with a description of what is happening. After we have reviewed it, we would love to pass it on Facebook and give you credit.