Piper the Wondercat returns again

Truth was I thought Piper my sweet grey kitty was a goner. But upon further investigation Piper had indeed come back all the way to the pine tree, perched high on the trees limbs, meowing and waiting for me to get her down. Yes, this is the same cat that I wrote about a month ago as she made way on her grand over night adventure into the big, dark world. I guess one night was all it took for her to take hold of the catnip addiction that is freedom. About a two weeks ago she scurried by me as I was letting Leonardo out to potty. Frantically I searched the entire house, yard, and yes, that pine tree hoping to find some glimmer of her eyes in the branches. Nothing. I left her food outside and a litter box hoping to attract her back to the front door, but all I did was attract all of the other stray cats in the neighborhood. By the tenth day of her disappearance I decided it was time to accept that she might not be coming back. A neighborhood watch group posted online that coyotes had been seen in our neighborhood, so I assumed the worst – she was either out seeking her fortune or she had been eaten by a coyote. Either way she was gone. Ten long passed and no sign of Piper. Ten long days of me sad she had left and accepting that maybe it was just her time to leave. By ten days the other cats had adjusted their sleeping patterns on the bed and I was getting accustom to three feline faces greeting me for food instead of four. I had even informed the sweet five-year old Wizard that the cat had left to go and seek her fortune in the big world. “Does that mean she is gone forever?” “Quite possibly. Animals are just like us – they live their lives then they die.” But what took took Lazarus three days to rise from the dead took Piper ten days to come back to life. I noticed on Saturday afternoon that my dogs were acting crazy at the pine tree. There was a dark grey cat perched on a low limb, meowing. I called the family outside so confirm my suspicions. “It’s a miracle! She’s alive!” Gabe exclaimed. He was dressed in his Auburn football jersey and Auburn helmet and all I could think of was that he was in for a lot more miracles this season, both with cats and football, but I quickly side tracked back to figuring out how I would get the cat out of the tree. She stayed in the pine tree for four days this time, meowing like a crazy cat from the lower limb to the higher limb. Nothing would coax her out of the tree. At one point I had about seven people in my yard who just randomly followed her eerie meowing to see Piper the Wondercat. By the morning of the fourth day I decided to trap her with yet another can of tuna. I guess hunger clouds the mind when you haven’t eaten in four days. She crawled to the edge of a flimsy branch and fell right out of the tree. I would say there is a moral to this story, but I’m all out of morals at this point. Perhaps it’s appreciate the house you live in because it could be worse – you could be stuck in a tree. As I write this Piper is sitting in the dining room window, sunning and looking out on the backyard where the pine tree is rooted. She now has a pink collar with a very annoying bell on the end of it that rings every time she moves. But I guess that is better than the annoying escapade that comes with getting stuck in a tree. I thought she was a goner, but for this time at least, the cat came back. Laura Pitts is a former Daily Mountain Eagle reporter and currently is director of the Scottsboro Public Library.