Carbon Hill City Council

Pendley honored after retiring from Carbon Hill again

Clerk held in high regard for helping with financial situation

CARBON HILL - Assistant City Clerk Janice Pendley was honored by Mayor April Kennedy Herron and the Carbon Hill City Council Thursday, marking her last week at work as she is retiring again. 
She was honored at the end of Thursday's city council meeting. 
Pendley said later she served as the city clerk of Carbon Hill from February 2013 to November 2016. Mayors in that time include Pee Wee Richardson, James Bray and Mark Chambers. 
Nanette Brown was appointed city clerk in November 2016 at the start of a new term headed by Chambers.   
"I returned at their request in October 2019 to replace Nanette as clerk, then trained the new city clerk, Sherry Garner," Pendley said. 
City officials have credited Pendley with helping to straighten out major problems with the city finances since returning to City Hall. 
At the end of the meeting, Herron presented Pendley an retirement award which thanked her for all of her years of service to the city. "We truly thank you," it said. 
"Miss Janice, you've worked so hard for the city and you've done so many things above and beyond what you were called to do," Herron said. "This is not much. This is just a little something to let you know we appreciate you and nothing that you have done has gone unnoticed. We know, and we love you for it. It is just a little token to let you know how much we appreciate you." 
Pendley, who fought at back tears at the surprise, later said she feels the city is making good progress in coming back from what was once a devastating financial time. 
"I think that Carbon Hill is on the right path for a good road to recovery.  There are really good people here and God is blessing us with a lot of positives.  We just have to keep him first," she said Friday.