Parrish, county join forces to repair roadway

Stanfield Rd. is town's next priority


The City of Parrish and Walker County District 3 recently worked together to repair a road that had been severely damaged for nearly a year.

District 3 Commissioner Jim Borden said Taft Road had been closed since April of last year.

“The culvert had rotted and half the road fell in,” he said. “It was an 8 to 10 foot hole that was a dangerous spot.”

Borden said representatives from Parrish talked to him about the county helping with the project.

“They had gotten some money to repair the road, but the town didn’t have the equipment to be able to repair something like that,” Borden said. “It took us a little time, but we were able to work together and get it completed.”

The project saw Parrish pay for the materials with the county providing the equipment and manpower. The repairs took more than two days to complete. It included replacing 80 feet of 4-foot in diameter culvert.

Parrish Mayor Bubba Cagle said Walker County Commission District 3 has been pivotal in getting the repairs done as quickly as they have.

“We could not have done it without them,” he said. “We don’t have those workers in that area that do that type of work on a regular basis. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to do it nearly as quickly nor as affordable.”

Borden said he feels the the partnership saved the town $25,000.

After a rash of emergency road repairs, Cagle said after last week’s council meeting that a mostly washed out culvert on Stanfield Road is his administration’s next priority.

“The previous administration did some work down there with the county,” Cagle said. “They tidied it up, but it was a temporary solution.”

Debra Davis, who lives on the road, said it has been an issue for over ten years that has posed a danger to not only residents, but emergency response personnel as well.

“When the ambulance came to get me four week’s ago, they could barely get over that raggedy bridge,” she told the council. “I’m laying there and can’t stand up because I’m shaking so bad, but these ambulance folks are talking about how they’re scared to go over the. We’re scared to go over it every day.”

There are at least four occupied residences on the other side of the Stanfield Road culvert.

Cagle said that he was not aware of the issues on Stanfield Road until recently and has been making inquiries into getting the culvert repaired.

“I’ve had different people trying to tell me what to do,” he said. “I’ve got somebody going to try and give me different prices this week. It’s not ideal weather situations to be working on stuff like this. I went as recently as last week to meet with someone to get it fixed at all cost.”

Cagle stressed that the town is not looking at doing another temporary solution, but is wanting to make long-lasting repairs to what is currently a dangerous situation. He said the road further down is also in bad condition, but the culvert is the most important thing.

“I can’t make any promises on the rest of it, but we’re getting that bridge fixed, someway somehow,” he said.

Stanfield Road is just the latest in rash of emergency road repairs that have been needed around Parrish. In December, a repair had to be done to English Street in front of Parrish Elementary School that was causing issues for residents to access the front of the school. Taft Road was another problem area.

This spring and summer, the town plans to tackle numerous pot holes around the town and asks for residents to let them know of any problem areas.

“We’ve got a lot of potholes, some of them really deep” Cagle said. “We’ve got some advice on how to do that with gravel and then hot mix. But it needs to be at least 55-60 degrees to do that or else we’re wasting our time. I already have a list of areas that need it, but we’re still trying to accumulate that list. If anyone has any problems, send us the address, pictures and anything else that can help the street department identify the issues.”


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