OUR VIEW: Turning the corner in Carbon Hill


Carbon Hill has had a run of back luck in recent years. Social media tornadoes, financial tornadoes, tornado tornadoes - it has not been fun. 

However, the town has been recovering from a number of disasters and the new administration is projecting more confidence and assurance as it works its way through the challenges. It has a new police chief, Antoine Cobb, whom everyone likes and supports. It has been working to clean up certain disasters, and put up a gate to prevent the man-made dumping disasters, and now is prepared to enforce its nuisance ordinance. It wants to reopen the pool this summer with precautions to still fight COVID-19 using the large area of its pool. 

But we are particularly heartened that the town is making its way through a financial disaster that threatened to undo it. Apparently, at one point in its recent past, bills were not paid and mail was not picked up. Receipts were not kept and ledger entries were not made. By the time it was discovered, it was a mess. 

However, city officials have worked hard to find what was owed and to pay it back, and even to track down money owed to it. The Carbon Hill City Council is now having occasional work sessions to monitor the finances, fulfilling a longtime wish of Mayor April Kennedy Herron.  

Things have improved enough that the council soon hopes to have an audit and a budget prepared. Many details still have to be worked out - and, in fact, we still are awaiting more concrete financial numbers to be released once all is sorted out. Carbon Hill faces obstacles other small towns also face. But the indications from the council and from Herron is that we know much more now than we have in the past. Let us hope that continues, and we congratulate and encourage Carbon Hill officials as they continue to move forward. 

- Daily Mountain Eagle