OUR VIEW: Get your vaccination. Please.

Posted 7/16/21

It seems like a broken record to talk about vaccinations at this point. 

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OUR VIEW: Get your vaccination. Please.


It seems like a broken record to talk about vaccinations at this point. 

According to the Alabama Department of Public Health, about 35 percent of the county has been vaccinated with one dose of the vaccine, while about 29 percent have completed a vaccine series. We've heard some people question the department's figures in terms of population, but essentially, it seems clear that maybe about a third of the state or less is vaccinated, because we hear consistent percentages in other areas as well. 

The bottom line is that people have not taken advantage of the ability to get vaccinations. We have heard many excuses for not doing so. Some have involved reactions they say they have had in the family or heard about, and others are just afraid to do it. Many younger people doubt they will get it. Others have come up with amazing conspiracy stories more fantastical than Martians coming to visit us, so that you would think the government is coming for all of us. 

Frankly, our patience with this thinking is coming to an end - because the virus hasn't. In fact, it is finding ways of speeding up. 

The variant strain of the virus that has come from overseas has taken hold in every state, and infections and hospitalizations are on the increase. People are dying from this virus to yet, and the young are particularly getting sick. California is seeing such an increase that Los Angeles County is putting mask ordinances back into effect. 

ABC 33/40  reported this week that there are concerns in the medical community that if we don't get vaccinated and put down this pandemic, more strains can only come - and if they do, it might be more difficult to come up with a vaccine to tame it. We are only making this harder for ourselves. 

And why is that? Because we have given in to fear and political pandering. It is amazing to think vaccines have become a political football in the middle of a pandemic, but some have taken to the airwaves and the internet to spout the fantastical just so they can score political points. It is an indiction how far in the mud this nation and society has sunk, when we become victim to misinformation and hysteria on the level of someone crying "fire" in a crowded theater. Only in this case, you might feel safe going outside the theater; with this virus, there is no real good place to run and hide. And we are at danger until we take action. 

The time has come for us to put aside our concerns and get this under control. If we don't get vaccinated, this pandemic could get out of control again. We are particularly putting a younger generation at risk, and they need to be made aware of the risk they are putting society in. 

Walker County has come so far, but with a majority of Alabama counties now at high risk of infection, including this county, all we can do is urge those around us to reconsider your hesitancy or your disgust or your fear. We have to get vaccinated. This is war - really, this is like war. If we lose this, we lose even more than human beings. We could lose society as we've known it. We could lose neighborhoods. We really don't know how to convey what is at stake, but we can only say we must take action now. 

We need every citizen to do their part. We urge you to get your shot today. Please.