Only two cases of COVID-19 confirmed in city schools


The Jasper City Board of Education is reporting few confirmed cases of COVID-19 since students returned for in-person instruction on Thursday, Aug. 20

Superintendent Dr. Ann Jackson confirmed on Thursday morning that only one teacher and one student have tested positive for coronavirus. Others who have been exposed to someone with the disease have voluntarily self-quarantined, Jackson said.   

"We were pretty aggressive in our response to the class where the teacher tested positive," she said. "We quarantined the entire class 48 hours prior to her being symptomatic."

The school system has taken a number of precautions to prevent the spread of the disease, such as social distancing in classrooms and requiring everyone to be temperature tested each school day, among other measures.

"I want to commend our faculty and staff and all of our parents for following the guidelines provided by the state — wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and social distancing," Jackson said.

The school system remains on a rotating schedule, where students who opted for traditional instruction only attend school two days each week and do virtual learning for the remaining three days of the school week.

In addition, school campuses are still closed each Wednesday for deep cleaning.

"We have been really blessed with people staying healthy," Jackson said. 

As of press time, COVID-19 numbers had not been released for Walker County Schools.


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