O'Mary pledges to work for growth, prosperity


Jasper Mayor David O'Mary said he would now work with the Jasper City Council to "support growth and prosperity" in the future as he is now assured of a second term as the city's leader. 

O'Mary made his remarks in a statement to citizens on the city's Facebook page Thursday afternoon. He and four current members of the Jasper City Council - as well as one returning member - had no opposition once qualifying ended on July 21 for the Aug. 25 municipal elections. Municipal candidates in Alabama do not face write-in votes. 

The new term for all area mayors and city council members will start on Nov. 2. 

"I would like to thank you for all of the support that has been given me during the first 4 years as your Mayor," O'Mary said. "Together we have made incredible strides toward bettering our city.  

"Thanks to new vision and the hard work of our employees, we have completed the largest paving and infrastructure project in Jasper's history. Through fiscal responsibility, we have been able to establish reserves in excess of $7 million dollars. With the support of our council and great leadership, we have been able to raise the pay for our city employees to levels comparable to cities around us."

While he said many other "great things" have been accomplished, much more needs to be done. 

"I plan to spend the next four years working with the council and building a foundation for our city that will support growth and prosperity well into the future," O'Mary said. He noted that wil start "with the fiber-based internet to the home initiative that has begun in recent months. 

O'Mary, a retired banker, said he was "blessed" to serve a second term as mayor. He also noted that "each of our council members ran unopposed, and with the retirement of former Mayor and council member Sonny Posey, we welcome Jed Daniel back to the council.  Your confidence and your approval are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to going back to work for you for another term. 

I ask for your continued prayers, suggestions, and involvement as we tackle the next set of tasks ahead.  Again, thank you for an historic gesture of support."


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