Old senior class photos needed at Oakman High


OAKMAN — A historical preservation project is underway at Oakman High School, and the community's help is needed.

Anyone who walks down the long, main hallway at Oakman High will quickly notice rows of framed senior class photos above the lockers. Principal Leathan Waid said the photos date back to 1939 and are displayed up until the present graduating class.

Of the nearly 100 photographs, there are some senior class photos missing that school leaders are hoping to receive.

"We've noticed throughout the years that there are a few of the senior classes missing. We decided it was time for us to try to collect those," Waid said.

Librarian Monica Brown is working to locate the old photographs, which has been a difficult task considering the school doesn't have some yearbooks from years past.

Six senior class photos are missing from the school's collection — 1946, 1972, 1985, 1986, 1987, and 2005. Waid said even though the senior class photos displayed date back to 1939, that was not the school's first graduating class, so senior class photographs before 1939 would also be a welcome addition to the collection.

Anyone who has senior class photos from the years missing may contact Waid at Oakman High (205-622-3381) and arrange to bring a copy of the senior class photo they have. A photo could be scanned at the school if it is from an old yearbook.

The school would also welcome any old yearbooks that people in the community would like to donate.

Waid said the displayed senior class photos are always a favorite for people to see when they visit the school and having them all displayed would make sure people can find the photo of most sentimental value to them.

"When visitors come inside our school, especially if they're from Oakman, that is one of the first things they do. They try to go find their class," he said.