Oakman High holds second serve day


OAKMAN — Oakman High School held a second serve day last Friday, which also had a morning enrichment component.

The school's first serve day was on Oct. 25 and provided service-learning activities for students. The ninth through 12th graders also spent half the school day completing out of the ordinary activities where they learned to do new things.

During the most recent serve day, students worked with their teachers during the morning and completed a number of Christmas themed activities from wrapping gifts to crafting ornaments. 

The majority of student-made ornaments will be donated to area senior living facilities.

Other students spent the morning outdoors learning to grill, how to complete basic automotive tasks and how to even play the game of disc golf.

One popular activity of the day gave students an opportunity to do charcoal drawings in art sessions led by Kate Gurganus with the Walker County Arts Alliance.

Oakman librarian Monica Brown said since there is no art course at the school, serve day was a perfect opportunity to expose students to the arts.  

"It has been phenomenal for the kids. It gives them an opportunity to do something different," she said.

After a break for lunch, students started the service portion of the day where they completed various tasks on campus. Some students helped to organize a clothes closet that Oakman High is starting.

Principal Leathan Waid said the first serve day was an incredible success and that even though students aren't in their academic classes like a normal school day, they are still learning valuable skills and strengthening their character through volunteer work at the school.  

"Our kids really enjoy it," he said.