New four-legged family member


Pets are not my thing. 

Don’t read that wrong. I don’t hate pets. I just don’t need pets.

When I was a small child, my favorite dog was named Million Dollar Fred. He was a trusty companion for a few years, but Fred met an untimely demise similar to Old Yeller, which left me a little jaded for quite some time. 

Years later, I gave pet ownership another attempt. I had a Welsh Corgi who I just adored. She ended up with failing kidneys and had to be put down. I cried all night.

From that point, I have sworn off getting close to animals. Unfortunately, everyone else in my home loves to have pets.

My 13-year-old daughter Daisy loves dachshunds. She had a miniature dachshund for about a decade, and it passed away in the fall of last year. Daisy wanted another dog. We even looked at a few breeds with the intent of getting her a new dog, but she really wanted another dachshund. 

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a friend on Facebook was asking for help. She needed someone to take care of a family member’s dog, and it was a wiener dog. I messaged her to tell her about Daisy and how she would give that little dog more love than it could handle. 

I talked to Daisy about rescuing the dog, and she was interested in taking ownership if it worked out.

That arrangement did work out, and we now have a new four-legged family member. It turns out she is actually a Chiweenie, which is half Dachshund and half Chihuahua. Her name has been Zeva, but we call her Diva a lot. She answers to both. 

Zeva is up there in age, probably 9 or 10 years old, but she needed a loving home, and she definitely has that. With seven people in our house, I was afraid she might not take up with Daisy off the bat, but she did. They are already best buddies with the little dog following Daisy all around the house.

The only living beings upset with the situation so far is our cats. Zeva has obviously never been around cats, or she just hates them, because she has been sure to let them know this is her turf now. The dog is also a little nervous around loud noises, which I guess is understandable considering her breeds, but a high volume on a sudden sound will cause her to immediately start chasing her tail for about 15 seconds. It is actually hilarious to see.

Even though this little dog is super cute, I will still not get too close to it, but I am glad we could take it in and show it the love of a family. With everything going on in the world, making Daisy’s day with a new dog and helping out little Zeva warmed my cold heart.


James Phillips is editor and publisher of the Daily Mountain Eagle. He may be reached at 205-221-2840 or