New content on DME website


New sections have been added to to provide readers with even more content from around the country and the world.

Since late 2019, the Daily Mountain Eagle website has undergone some major changes and updates to create a more user friendly and dynamic experience. The latest additions are aimed at making even more of a “one-stop shop” for all of your news and information needs.

Using the vast resources of the Associated Press, the DME website now features sections dedicated to US and world news. Ranging from politics, events from all around and the latest concerning the COVID-19 outbreak, visiting is now even more informative than ever before.

In addition to the news happening around the world, an “Entertainment” section has also been added, featuring the latest from worlds of film, television, music and more.

However, the Daily Mountain Eagle's focus is and always will be on Walker County. You may notice some tweaks every now and again as we search for the right balance or when and how to post the stories that affect you the most. As are most things in life, it continues to be trial and error. Your feedback is, as always, welcomed and encouraged.

Another new feature on the website is the brand new “Poll Question of the Week.” Each Monday, we will be posting a new poll question for the readers to give their input on the happenings around them. It can be found contained within the “AP News” section of the website. It is yet another way for our readers to have their voices heard.

The results of the previous week's poll will be published weekly in the Daily Mountain Eagle Tuesday print edition.