My Walker County


Walker County is a place of many good people. I have been very proud of recent acts of protest here in Jasper. They were respectful of their town and the business owners here.

To respect the life and right to be able to live and prosper here is so important to our people. Good friends are part of my life here — black, white, Korean, Mexican.

As we age, we need more than ever to lead our young in a Christian way, to save our wonderful southern way of loving people- our friends, our neighbors, and people moving in.

Things of concern in our county are crime and caring for those who are in need.

We are blessed with a working group of leaders. Even with their help, we need to look to see things that affect our future. One issue this year is that we do not need garbage dumps near our little towns or large towns. Certainly we do not need a regional garbage dump, as some may want in the Dora/Sumiton area. Check your facts of other regional dump sites. Anyone in Walker County can think of what this does to our communities. A further out area that would allow our cities to breathe is surely needed.

As for my local area, I have worked here in Walker County and for a short time in Jefferson County. All of the people that I worked with are people loving folks. They desire a peaceful life here and I know for sure that love does abide here between all races.

Mary M. Boswell,
Walker County