Mulch available in Dora, thanks to storms


DORA – When the City of Dora purchased the new chipper shredder back in March, it was a timely purchase.

A storm swept through the city in April which knocked down trees in several communities. The city's new shredder made dealing with the mountains of trees and limbs from the storm a lot easier, according to Mayor Randy Stephens.

Another benefit is that shredded debris made tons of mulch. City workers dump the mulch at the edge of the parking lot of the maintenance garage (the old National Guard Armory) and any citizen in need of mulch is welcome to come and haul it off free of charge, according to Stephens. 

Several people have taken advantage of the free mulch, according to Jeremy Hicks, who is over the Street and Sanitation Department for the city.

“After the storms came through, we dumped several loads of mulch at the garage and people came that Friday and Saturday and hauled it off,” Hicks said.

As of Tuesday, there was several more truckloads of mulch available for pickup.