Most want presidential politics, covid to go away


As Labor Day signals the beginning of the last leg of the race for the White House, the differences between the two contenders could not be more stark. In typical presidential election years in which the incumbent is running for a second term, the challenger paints a dark picture of America and calls for change. The incumbent boasts about accomplishments and promises even more success. 2020 is no different, even more so.

In his acceptance speech at the RNC, President Trump said, “This election will decide whether we save the American dream or whether we allow a socialist agenda to demolish our cherished destiny.” Half of us believe anyone can succeed if he or she takes advantage of opportunities and works hard. The other half believe many among us don’t have opportunities and want the government to provide whatever they lack.

Trump continued, “[The election] will decide whether we rapidly create millions of high-paying jobs or whether we crush our industries and send millions of these jobs overseas as has foolishly been done for many decades.” According to a December 2016 article in, under Obama/ Biden, “there has been a net loss of 303,000 manufacturing jobs since January 2009.” In a January 2020 article, “The economy added 6.7 million jobs, and unemployment fell to the lowest rate in half a century.” Also, “Household income grew; poverty decreased, and paychecks grew 2.5% after inflation.”

Trump added, “[T]his election will decide whether we will defend the American way of life or whether we will allow a radical movement to completely dismantle and destroy it.” Americans have watched LEFT groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa burn, loot and destroy businesses and cities across America in the name of social justice. Biden has maintained a low profile in his basement “following the science” to avoid covid infection, refusing to acknowledge the riots until polls showed Americans wanted the riots to end.

Regarding China and jobs, Trump said, “[W]e will also provide tax credits to bring jobs out of China, back to America. And we will impose tariffs on any company that leaves America to produce jobs overseas.” In 2019 on the campaign trail Biden said, “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on man.” He added, “I mean you know they’re not bad folks, folks, but guess what? They’re not competition for us.”

Ending his acceptance speech on a high note, Trump said, “I want every child in America to know that you are part of the most exciting and incredible adventure in human history. No matter where your family comes from, no matter your background in America, anyone can rise, with hard work, devotion and drive, you can reach any goal and achieve every ambition.” He added,

“Americans build their future. We don’t tear down our past.”

Incumbents normally play the patriot card while challengers play the unpatriotic card. Remember when Candidate Obama called George W. Bush “unpatriotic” because national debt had risen $5.8 trillion during during Bush’s eight years? He said, “That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic.” Obama added $8.588 trillion. This past Saturday, Biden called Trump “a lousy president.”

And, so it goes. We have two more months of this election cycle, which in 2020 months is a lifetime. Americans want presidential politics and covid to go away.


Daniel L. Gardner is a syndicated columnist who lives in Starkville, Miss. You may contact him at