Mom of wandering toddler has ties to Walker County


A woman believed to be the mother of a toddler found wandering outside an apartment complex in Miramar, Florida, on Sunday has ties to Walker County.

Walker County Sheriff's Office Investigator Carl Carpenter said Leila Cavett, 21, has lived in Walker County in the past and currently has a pending court case here but is not considered to be missing from Walker County.

Her Facebook page lists her as living in Atlanta. Court records list her address as Muscle Shoals.

"We don't have any reason to believe that she is anywhere else but southern Florida," said Carpenter, the major crimes/missing person investigator at WCSO.

A woman identified as Cavett's sister in a Miami Herald story also has ties to Walker County. Gina Lewis, whose Facebook page lists her as living in Jasper, said the child is her 2-year-old nephew, Kamdyn.

On Tuesday, Lewis and two other women identified as Cavett's sisters spoke to several Florida TV stations after speaking to detectives at Miramar PD.

CBS4 reported that Cavett lives in Dawsonville, Georgia, and has no obvious ties to south Florida.

“We don’t know of her having any friends or any family out here to be out here in the first place. There's just been a lot of stories floating around, so we're not really sure what's going on,” Lewis said. 

The toddler, who has not been able to communicate, was found wandering in a T-shirt and diaper. He is currently being cared for by a foster parent, according to a Miramar PD Facebook post.

Miramar PD has not publicly identified the child or confirmed that Cavett is his mother, although that is a lead they are investigating.

Both Miramar PD and WCSO asked for information on the whereabouts of Cavett on their respective Facebook pages Monday.

The post from Miramar PD said detectives "are concerned for her safety and well-being."

"She's very close to her child from what we understand. I believe whatever the circumstances were in Florida for her child to turn up down there, I don't have any reason not to believe that she is down there, and I have a lot of concern about her if the child was by himself," Carpenter said.

She was last seen driving a white Chevy 3500 (mid-to-late 90s model) with a maroon or red tailgate and a “Baby on Board” sign on the passenger window.

Carpenter said WCSO has been assisting Miramar PD by providing information about Cavett's background in Alabama.

The last time Cavett was confirmed to be in Walker County was in October 2019, according to Carpenter.

According to court documents, Cavett was arrested in Cordova on drug charges in September and received two traffic tickets in October. Cavett failed to appear on the traffic violations at a court date in February, which resulted in her driver's license being suspended in March.

If anyone has seen or heard from Cavett, call the Walker County Sheriff’s Office at (205) 302-6464, or the Miramar PD at (954) 602-4000.