Man shot by two suspects in Carbon Hill


CARBON HILL - The Carbon Hill Police Department is reporting a resident was shot twice Tuesday night outside his home, and authorities are searching for two men now considered armed and dangerous.

Angelo Hackman, who is in his 30s or 40s, was wounded in the incident. He was taken to Birmingham and is currently being treated for his injuries, Carbon Hill Police Chief Eric House said.

House said Wednesday morning that Hackman was in the home at 416 4th Ave. NE in Carbon Hill at 5:35 p.m. Tuesday with the family’s children when a blueish silver Ford Crown Victoria with an Alabama license plate pulled up.

“A lady sees two guys. The car did not pull up in the driveway. It just stayed in the road,” he said. “They get out and start toward the house. She asked (Hackman) if he knew them.”

Hackman went outside, either to confront them or to see what was happening. Hackman was on the front porch when allegedly both men shot at him, hitting him twice in the leg.

“He ran like two houses down (to other family) and was asking for help. Of course, the two guys jumped in the car and left,” House said. “They went like they were going back toward Jasper. It was like one of those things that was kind of weird.”

No security cameras were present to capture any of of the incident, he said.

“We are looking for two black males in that particular car,” House said. “One was real tall and the other was kind of short, kind of stocky built. Both of them were carrying guns.”

He said the suspects went east bound on 4th Avenue NE. “We don’t know a direction of travel beyond there,” House said.

A witness obtained a partial tag number of “1N” off the Crown Victoria and said it was an Alabama tag, House said, noting a witness was “100 percent” sure of that much.

“That would indicate it is from Jefferson County but we’re really not sure about that because they may have just stuck a tag on the car,” House said, noting outside investigation is looking into that.

“We did recover one shell casing,” he said, noting it looked to be an 9 mm casing.

House said the two suspects are “no doubt” to be considered armed and dangerous. He asked people to notify law enforcement instead of approaching them.

He said Wednesday he was going door-to-door talking to possible witnesses.

If anyone has any information, they are asked to contact the Carbon Hill Police Department at 205-924-4411.