Maintenance man charged with sexually abusing four young boys


A maintenance man at an apartment complex in Jasper has been arrested and charged with sexually molesting at least four young boys.

Jeremy Todd Motes of Jasper is being held in the Walker County Jail on cash bonds totaling $200,000 after he was recently arrested. 

He is charged with two counts of second-degree sodomy and two counts of second-degree sexual abuse.

The victims — all boys — were between 12 and 15 years old.

“It came to our attention when we had parents come in and talk to us about some concerns they had about some possible inappropriate conduct between Mote and some children,”?Jasper Police Chief J.C. Poe said. 

An investigation began immediately, Poe said, and once that was completed Motes was taken into custody.

A?Walker County grand jury is expected to hear the case soon, and Poe said additional charges could be filed against Motes.

The case against Mote has been a joint investigation between the Jasper Police Department and theWalker County District Attorney’s Office.

Det. John?Softley and Det. Lt. Matt Dozier of the Jasper Police Department and Investigator Frank Cole of the district attorney’s office have spearheaded the investigation, Poe said. 

“All the investigators have done an outstanding job and have worked tirelessly building a case against Motes,”?Poe said. 

Poe said detectives are still trying to determine if there may be more victims who have yet to come forward. 

“There’s a possibility there are more victims,”?Poe said, “and if there are we need them to come forward. We have experts who are trained to handle these type cases who can talk to any victims.”

Counselors from the Walker County Children’s Advocacy Center have been instrumental in working with the police department and district attorney’s office, Poe said. 

“It’s always disturbing to hear when children in the community are being preyed upon,”?Poe said. “I?hate that we have the number of victims we do, and I?hope it’s been caught early enough that there’s no more victims. Hopefully, the courts will deal with him swiftly and harshly.”

Poe said any parents who fear their kids may have been a victim of Motes is urged to call Jasper police at (205)?221-2121. All calls are confidential.