Lola Jean Brown


Lola Jean Brown, lovingly known as 'Honey,' went home to be with her husband on September 24, 2022.

She was a wife, mother, and friend. Her spirit is carried on by her three children, two grandchildren, four great grandchildren, and an extended family of relations and friends from Texas to Alabama and everywhere in between.

Jean was the youngest child born to Ben and Mardie Nation on February 22, 1930. Until her passing, she would still tear up talking about her mom and dad and the foundation of love they set in place. She also was not ashamed to say that she was the most spoiled and loved little girl out of the whole family.

This standard of love and care became Jean’s legacy. She wed Charles Brown on December 24, 1948, and had their first son Steve.  Two and a half years later another blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby followed when Renee was born. Sewing church clothes and cooking for her growing family is what brought her the most pride. Her home was her workplace, and she loved her job. It should have been no surprise, yet it still was, when Charlie was born 13 years after Steve, completing their family.

Above all 'Honey' loved the Lord. She loved playing gospel music on her piano, a gift given to her by the Man himself. She could hear a song and just play it, although she could not read music. She loved the community the church brought her and her family. No matter the city, she would find her church home and center herself in it.

For some; money, fame, and material things are their goals in life. Jean never did seek those things, although she did love a good deal at TJ Maxx. She sought to raise a family who always stayed close, a cake that would make people wonder how she baked it and sewing a dress for a granddaughter that would make her a standout Easter morning. She loved talking on the phone to her many friends, hitting up garage sales, and cooking for the masses. She never met a stranger, walked slowly and proud, talked quietly, and loved fiercely.

The beauty of 'Honey' is that she touched so many different people’s lives. We would love for you to join us downstairs in the fellowship hall at Mt. Philadelphia Baptist Church, Cordova, Alabama the day after Thanksgiving, November 25, 2022 at 11 a.m. to share stories, eat, and celebrate a joyful life. Casual attire is welcomed.