Science is not a thing, it is a method of action 


\"Science is our salvation, and those who demean it should be sidelined" (Daily Mountain Eagle, August 1-2, 2020) is itself unscientific: science is treated as a religious icon not a "method of action." Just because someone disagrees with a conclusion of science doesn't mean they're "demeaning" science as a whole. Let us keep in mind the many erroneous claims of "science" that were later discarded over the last 2,000 years. Science has proven to be successful in hundreds of thousands of ways because millions of failures were preparation for success. Good science is established by a long accumulation of evidence that not only collects information that agrees with its premises but derives conclusions that satisfies the best available evidence so far. No genuine scientist would ever believe tliat if you don't agree with "my" conclusions your science isn't real. 

In terms of the virus, the claim of an "anti-science dogma on the political right" is 

guilty of entrenched political dogma from the Left. This is not science. In the early days of the pandemic the World Health Organization, and the Center for Disease and Control, warned people against wearing masks. In February, CDC director Robert Redfield testified to the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee that masks weren't need for the healthy A day later the US surgeon general told the public to "stop buying masks." In March Dr. Fauci told a Senate committee that the public did not need to wear masks. By contrast, in the last six months medical science learned from its mistakes based upon new evidence. This isn't a disagreement over science versus non-science but different scientific conclusions based on examining evidence over time. Blaming the president now for following the advice of medical science at that time is ludicrous. The motive for "Science is our salvation" is to find any way to attack the president, the right, and the republicans. This isn't about science at all but is a hysteria that seems aimed at burning all those heretical Republicans at the intellectual stake. 

David A. Cook, PhD

Jasper, Alabama