China to blame


Breitbart News wrote a story about Peter Navarro White House trade adviser. The story is titled, Navarro: China Deliberately allowed Coronavirus to Spread Outside Its 

Borders. In this story Mr Navarro is asked a question by Gerry Baker, "China, quite deliberately, shutting off some a lot of domestic travel, but allowing international travel, quite deliberately knew how serious this was and allowed the virus to be exported, along with a lot of other Chinese exports to the United States and elsewhere? Mr. Navarro responded, "That's a matter of fact. It should not be in dispute." 

It seems China is the reason people have lost jobs, unable to attend religious services, forced to wear a mask during graduation services and social distance and the worst of course is loss of life and suffering during this time. It has caused this nation difficulty at every turn. Which leads to the question. Why is the media protecting China? We have gone to war for less done to us. 

We live in dangerous times the Mainstream Media (MSM) is one sided in their coverage. China has three million Muslims in concentration camps, and nothing is said. Christian Churches in China are destroyed, and Christian's are arrested and put in prison for their religious beliefs and nothing is said by the (MSM). President Trump stops illegal aliens from crossing the border and politicians and media personalities are literally crying about it. Our national mainstream media is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the elite of this country who have moved our factories to China to increase their profits. If the media were to report the truth about what is going on it would hurt the elite's business bottom line. 

Did China send the virus over here to hurt President Trump's chances of reelection, they were good because of the booming economy and now that is gone because of the China virus. The national media might as well be on the Joe Biden Presidential committee because they are trying to help him every day Our nations media (MSM) is bought and paid for and that makes for a dangerous time in our nation's history and hurts our nation and its future. 

In closing I think this Quote is appropriate, "Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost." - Thomas Jefferson 

Don Guthrie
Parrish, Ala.