Lambert overseeing hospital response to COVID-19


Editor’s note: This is the final installment in a four-part series on medical professionals and staff at Walker Baptist Medical Center who are serving patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among many duties assigned to Corey Lambert, it has been his job to oversee operations at Walker Baptist Medical Center during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lambert is supervisor of the hospital’s maintenance department and has been with the facility for 15 years.

“My responsibilities at Walker Baptist include overseeing the daily operations, safety and compliance of our facility,” Lambert said. “I have recently taken on a joint responsibility with emergency management in which I have been fortunate enough to meet many people in the community that share similar responsibilities.”

Responding to COVID-19 and making sure the hospital’s staff and patients are further protected has brought another level of responsibility to Lambert’s job.

“Since the COVID-19 Pandemic began, daily challenges have increased which include monitoring supplies, locating supplies, staffing constraints, creative thinking, and making necessary changes to equipment,” he said. “It has made all of us think faster while remaining safe and providing the proper care for those in the community. Every day starts with locating personal protective equipment (PPE) to provide to our employees and by the end of the day doing our best to provide comfort for those who work throughout the night.”

He added, “During these challenging times, it helps to know how the building operates while relying on the knowledge of others to make the decisions that need to be made. I would not be able to do what I do without those who help me purchase the items needed to maintain the hospital and those who share their blood, sweet, and tears.”

Lambert said  COVID-19 has made all medical providers and facilities think more about preparedness. He said it’s also encouraged those in the medical field to take extra precautions around their friends and family, especially while still in hospital apparel that can contain germs.

Lambert said necessary social distancing has also changed his perspective on life and has made him think more about moments that people may not have appreciated fully before COVID-19’s wrath.

“It has separated us all from our church families, who provide a hug, handshake, or a personal word of encouragement,” he said. “It makes you appreciate the talks with friends that you are no longer able to have over coffee in the morning and grateful when you can drop the mask and enjoy a hint of fresh air.”

Lambert said days at the hospital in recent weeks have been challenging and quite a learning experience, but he’s thankful to the community for their support.

“I would like to thank our community for their thoughts, prayers, patience, and understanding of this complicated situation we are all share,” he said. “The support of all who attended the park and pray has inspired us to keep the faith in dealing with what is at hand. I am appreciative of the texts I have received, reassuring that those of us at Walker Baptist are in your thoughts and prayers.”

Like others at Walker Baptist have told the Daily Mountain Eagle, Lambert has relied on faith to see him through this time.

“A few weeks ago I was reminded of how many times ‘do not fear’ is mentioned in scripture,” he said. “God provides us with a verse for each day of the year. For the last three weeks, I have reminded myself that God has this, and I will not fear for what the day holds. I want to encourage all the first responders and healthcare workers not to fear what the day holds as they go to work each day.”