Jasper police, firefighters find special way to honor JPD officer’s son on his third birthday


Rowdy Waldrop turned 3 Monday, but he didn’t get to have a birthday party with bouncy houses and cake and gifts and friends over because of all the disruptions caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. 

What he did get, however, was pretty special. 

Jasper police and Jasper firefighters held a parade that passed by Rowdy’s home Monday afternoon, complete with lights and sirens blaring and a lot of waves and smiles. 

Rowdy’s dad is JPD Officer Cody Waldrop, and he said what was done for his son was “unbelievable.”

“It was all for Rowdy,” said Waldrop, who had tears in his eyes after the parade passed by. “We’re all like family there. It’s a great group of guys I work with, and I love each and every one of them.”

Waldrop said while it wasn’t the party they hoped to have for Rowdy, “it’s something we can cherish forever.”