Jasper High students recognized for high ACT scores


More students have been added to Jasper High School's ACT 30+ Club.

At January's meeting of the Jasper City Board of Education, Alli Kay Alvis, Alex Barber, Jake Edgil, Lilian Kilgore, Preston Reed and Thomas Hampton Lee were all recognized for making a 30 or higher on the ACT. 

The highest score a student can receive on the ACT is a 36. High ACT scores can help students earn full-ride scholarships to colleges and universities. 

Since the school board meeting was held, Charlie Beth Pruett has also been named to the school's 30+ club that includes dozens of students who have made the prestigious accomplishment.

Prior to presenting students with recognition plaques at the meeting, Jasper City Schools Superintendent Dr. Ann Jackson said, "It's tough being a student these days. Kids are busy. Kids are scheduled. They have things going on in their lives. Many of them have so many other things going on, but yet they have achieved academically."

Jasper High Principal Jonathan Allen said faculty members have been participating in training sessions to learn about ways to prepare students for the ACT, and ACT preparation classes have also been held at the school on weekends to help students achieve a high score come test time.

"We've also been collaborating with other schools to see what they're doing, to see if there are some strategies we might learn from them as we work to meet the needs of students," Allen told school board members.


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