Jasper City BOE approves five-year capital plan


The Jasper City Board of Education's five-year capital plan contains many priority projects that will occur over the next year.

Board members approved the capital plan on Aug. 25. 

One priority of the five-year plan, which is currently underway, is the installation of HVAC units at Maddox Intermediate School. The project is costing roughly $175,000.

The school system's track and tennis complexes at Jasper High School, also part of the five-year capital plan, are nearing completion.

Superintendent Dr. Ann Jackson said another priority of the plan is to do asphalt repairs to the access road behind Jasper High. The cost is estimated at between $425,000 to $450,000.  

Replacing the roof at Songer Gym is also a current priority.

"Songer gym has some significant roofing issues, and we still use Songer a good bit," Jackson said.

Another project in the plan includes an investment in information technology for each Jasper City School, costing approximately $300,000 annually.

The project to renovate Jasper High's baseball field is still underway and is part of the capital plan. It is estimated that the field will be finished in 2021. Rain delays and piping repairs on the property have significantly delayed completion time over the past several months.

Jackson said relocating the Jasper City Board of Education office to the old Walker High School is also part of the five-year plan. She said recently issued bond money could be used for the renovation.    

"Our board of education building is insufficient for our needs," Jackson said. "We have central office people located throughout the district, where it would be nice to all be under one roof."

Jackson said the five-year plan is always subject to change if unexpected needs arise.

"Overall, I think it's a good plan. It is fluid. We can add to or take out as other things come to us that's more important, but it does give us some general guidelines of what we need to be looking at and focusing on for the next several years," she said. "In our case, we have a lot of the needs to happen in the next year."