In the argument for best pro wrestler born on March 8


Today marks 42 years since I took my first breath on this planet. I’m sure some readers might celebrate that fact, while others might wish it had never happened.
Each year, I try to look up some interesting facts about my birthday, March 8. I’ve written about celebrities born on that date and historical events that have taken place over the years on the eighth day of the third month of each year. This year, I decided to Google what professional wrestlers were also born on March 8.
Anyone who even slightly knows me, should know that I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was a very small child. About two years ago, I had the opportunity to start my own pro wrestling company based in Jasper — New Era Wrestling. We will be celebrating our second anniversary with an event at Clem Gym on the Jasper campus of Bevill State Community College on Saturday, March 14.
A day after my 41st birthday last year, I checked off the biggest bucket list item of my life when I wrestled my first match. I teamed with Birmingham area legend “Action” Mike Jackson and Dave Dutra, a friend of mine from California, to win a 6-man tag team match against Shane Noles, Greg Dotson and Johnny Rage.
This year, I’m wrestling in March again on Anniversary II that I mentioned earlier when I team up with a young up and coming wrestler Caeden Ooten to battle Ace Haven and Robi Vio. Ooten finally had enough being bullied by the Havens (Ace and Amy) and Vio at the February 1 NEW show, which led me to ask him to join me in the tag match that had been challenged by Ace Haven earlier in the show.
Ooten and I are definitely underdogs in this match. This will be my second match ever. Ooten has a bit more experience, but not much. For his short career, he has followed Haven around like he worshiped him. I’m tired of punks like Ace Haven and Robi Vio constantly bullying people and disrespecting the fans of New Era Wrestling. Haven will be the first person to tell you how good he is, with Vio being a close second to sing the praises of his leader and tag team partner. Haven is good in the ring. He has won championships across the country and has been in the ring with some of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the business.
Unfortunately for him, Haven has crossed enough lines that I’m ready to physically show him what happens when you constantly make fun of Walker County, our people and my family. He spent 10 minutes at the last show talking trash about my wife and children. I kept my cool that night, but I will be a different person when I walk through those ropes next Saturday night.
Back to the wrestlers who have been born on March 8. That list includes Chad Gable, Michael Tarver and Ursula Hayden.
Most of you probably just said, “Who?” Only true pro wrestling fans have heard any of those names.
Chad Gable currently wrestles for World Wrestling Entertainment under the name “Shorty G.” He is a former WWE tag team champion. He is also a very accomplished amateur wrestler.
Michael Tarver was a member of Nexus in WWE back in 2011, but he was released from his contract early in that run. He has wrestled some on the independent scene since that time.
Ursula Hayden is better known by her character Babe the Farmer’s Daughter on the 1980s television show Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.
Out of that trio, Babe is the most memorable to me. As a kid who grew up in the ‘80s, GLOW was one of my favorite shows. Gable is definitely the best athlete of the group. Tarver is the most forgettable.
This may only show how large my ego is, bu I consider myself already to be in at least the Top 3 wrestlers born on March 8. After Saturday night, I may move up that list a spot or two. I’m already a members of the Walker County Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame, thanks to NEW fan and longtime friend Joe Moon.
If you want to see me in action, come out to our show at Clem Gym. I take this very serious. We put on a show that I feel is more entertaining than anything put out each week by WWE. We have athletes from across the country who come in each month to put on the best possible matches. Our headliner for this show is set to be former WCW World Champion Scott Steiner. On Friday night, Steiner had a medical emergency, so as of press time, his status for the show is not known. We are working closely to find out as soon as possible if he will be in Jasper. If not, it is our plan to find a suitable replaement. Definitely keep Steiner in your prayers. The most important thing is his health.

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