Sumiton City Council

Highway 78 cleanup set for East Walker Friday

Frog Festival will return on Oct. 2


SUMITON - The Sumiton City Council heard Tuesday that a major cleanup will take place in East Walker on Friday, starting at 8:30 a.m.

Councilman Ken Russell said at Tuesday's council meeting that Bevill Community College, Sumiton Christian School and Dora High School will have a clean up on Highway 78 from "red light to red light."

Russell said Sumiton was needed to "take care of the median," while the volunteers will get the other sides of the road. "That's not an issue," Sumiton Mayor Petey Ellis said in agreement. 

"They will be starting up here, and I think Dora starts on that end," Russell said, asking Sumiton police to check with their counterpart in Dora to see if they have an escort on that side. 

"We'll need at least one or two escorts because they will separate in two separate places," he said. 

In other action, the council: 

• Heard Ellis say that the Frog Festival will be held in the city on Saturday, Oct. 2. "We're waiting to see if we can get the funds we usually get before we print the applications, but that will be the first Saturday in October. We're looking forward to getting that started back," Ellis said. 

• Approved the city audit for the previous fiscal year. Ellis said the audit did not have any findings for the city. 

• Heard Ellis say that Gov. Kay Ivey has allowed the city's civic center to reopen as the statewide pandemic order has been lifted, although he noted it will have to follow a number of regulations. 

• Heard Councilman Micah Harrison note he had talked with Dora High School football coach Chavis Williams about Williams' proposal to combine the youth football programs of Dora and Sumiton, which was brought up at a recent Dora City Council meeting. Williams is scheduled to speak Thursday night at 6 p.m. to the Dora council about the idea. Harrison said Williams suggesting he could talk to Sumiton officials about the proposal, which Ellis said he would be agreeable to. "There's been more discussion with the paper about it than with us," Ellis said. 

• Heard Councilman Jimmy Dodd thank first responders. "Saturday was two years ago that I was involved in an accident," he said. "I've never really taken this opportunity since I've been on the council, but I would like for (Fire Chief David Waid) and his crew to know I appreciate the way y'all handled it that day. I would just like to say thank you publicly." 

• Heard Pam Hill introduce herself as the new pharmacist at Brooklere Pharmacy. She confirmed a nutrition store and a physical therapist are also setting up shop at the same area as the pharmacy. "We're excited about being up there on the hill and we want to work with first responders, fire departments and police, especially in this time with the pandemic and the opioid crisis," Hill said. 

• Heard Ellis said a price has not been obtained for proposed welcome signs at entrances of the city.