Highway 118 resurfacing project completed, finishing tasks left


A resurfacing project is now completed on Highway 118 in Jasper, and there are only a few more tasks left before the project will be completely finished.

City engineer Joe Matthews told the Daily Mountain Eagle on Tuesday that concrete joints (where lanes meet) still need to be filled on the highway. That process could begin early next week.

There's also striping that has to be completed.     

"The asphalt has to cure for a minimum of 30 days and there are weather considerations, but they anticipate that they would begin in April doing the finished striping," Matthews said.

The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) project began in September of last year, with Dunn Construction as the contractor. The milling, resurfacing and striping was originally expected to be finished by last Thanksgiving, but the weather caused unavoidable delays. The roadwork was also only done at night.

"Instead of getting done by Thanksgiving, it drug on due to rain and weather, and then they just got trapped with the cold weather that we had from November until February," Matthews said.

The resurfacing was completed on March 7 and stretches from the 9th Avenue overpass to Cordova Cut Off Road.

In addition to the aforementioned work needed to complete the project, damaged traffic loops also need to be repaired.

"There's an actual wired loop in the asphalt that detects a car being there and that controls when the turn signals or the cross signals come on," Matthews said. "Of course, when they did all the milling, which is taking up the asphalt and replacing it, they damaged a lot of those."

Matthews said work is already underway to repair or replace the damaged wires that connect to signal boxes.  

One other item of business will be to remove the traffic signal at Regions Bank in front of the Jasper Mall — a decision made by ALDOT.

"They're so close together (the two traffic lights in front of the mall), which creates problems, and the traffic counts don't warrant a signal to be there," Matthews said.

There will still be an area to cross over near Regions Bank, however. 

Within the next few weeks, weather permitting, all tasks needed to finish up the months-long paving project should be completed. 

"Even though it took longer than they anticipated, the city is well pleased with the end product," Matthews said.